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Meditation, breath, yoga nidra


essentials of meditation


The value of meditation is not in increasing the duration of sitting, any more than moving one's hand in a circular motion when washing a dish is the point of cleaning up after a meal.  The point of washing the dish is so that it is uncontaminated with previous tastes so that when the next meal is consumed it can be appreciated completely for itself.  So too, with the mind.  If the mind is always full, an appreciation of new experiences is more difficult.  Daniel will guide you through the essentials of this practice - made simple.


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inspire with breath 


Breathing is the way we take in the spacious world and give back a part of ourselves to it.  Breathing is the fundamental ritual of offering and receiving, and one that we cannot help but engage.  Attending to the nourishing quality of the breath evokes gratitude, a recognition that brings us back to an appreciation of what we already have and points us away from the anxieties provoked by rumination on what we feel we lack.


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the path to equanimity


Yoga Nidra - the sleep of the yogi- is a method of guided meditation. Once relaxed, you are asked to imagine contrasting sensations such as heat and coolness, density and lightness in order to sidestep mental chatter and dive into an effortless state of equanimity.  All you need is a place to sit or recline comfortably, Daniel will briefly explain the process and answer any questions you might have.  If you have tried meditation and found it inaccessible, Yoga Nidra might be just right for you.


Private session

All sessions are one-on-one online, roughly 20 min long.

$30 per session.

All sessions can include questions and answers, background to these practices which are offered here in a secular format.

Contact me at for more information.

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The big misunderstanding in meditation

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