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Instruction in meditation

Essentials of meditation - your 10 day at-home Vipassana course.


The value of meditation is not in increasing the duration of sitting, any more than moving one's hand in a circular motion when washing a dish is the point of cleaning up after a meal.  The point of washing the dish is so that it is uncontaminated with previous tastes so that when the next meal is consumed it can be appreciated completely for itself.  So too, with the mind.  If the mind is always full, an appreciation of new experiences is more difficult.  Daniel will guide you through the essentials of this practice - made simple.

Each session includes some explanation of Vipassana meditation practice, guided meditation and QandA.

7:30 - 7:45am May 1st through May 10th


Contact me at to register.

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The big misunderstanding in meditation

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