Our 14 day 200 hour yoga teacher training intensive is designed to prepare students to practice and teach a simple, effective alignment-based yoga sequence accessible to beginners and challenging enough for more advanced students.

Cost: $2700 includes accommodation (not food) use of kitchen, course manual - tax included.

2020 dates

June 1 - 14th 200hr  Live-in intensive, Texada Island (1 spot left)

July 1 - 23rd  300hr  Live-in intensive, Texada Island (1 spot left)

September 5 - 28th 300hr  Live-in intensive Texada Island (4 spots left)

Apply here: https://danielclement7.wufoo.com/forms/z1ew7xa30ywbzy4/

Coronavirus Protocols:

I'm isolated in general up here on Texada, so my potential contact with the virus is pretty limited.  I have cancelled a trip to Japan as a precaution.  If I do show any symptoms prior to the training I will contact you and refund your deposits.


I'm going to reduce student exposure to one another by having you work with the same partner for Thai massage and any physical adjustments for the training, and we'll spend a good deal of our time outside on my deck during practice where there is more space.


This virus impacts the elderly and those with compromised immune systems in general, and the location here reduces contact with other a great deal (there's just not that many people here!).  We have no cases of Coronavirus so far on Texada, and our medical clinic has provided a secondary location for those who may present with symptoms, separate from the main clinic.


Take care

We focus on simple poses taught with clarity and a deep understanding of healthy biomechanics, as well as an introduction to restorative and yin yoga.  Alignment-based yoga simply means doing the poses in an integrated and effective way.  This allows the teacher to work with students in a rehabilitative manner, addressing injuries, or dynamically - working towards advanced postures.  Thai Yoga massage and manual therapy allow graduates to work effectively with private clients or in a public class setting.

The training is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Open Source - efficient training

If you are interested in developing a regular self-practice appropriate to your needs and desires, and then learn to teach a safe and effective practice, this course is designed to get you there relatively quickly and with confidence.

Students are also welcome to take the training simply to deepen their understanding of yoga practice.  Let's get started.

Classroom hours and assignments are roughly divided into these categories:

  • Asana (posture) practice covering essential postures - 40 hours

  • Assisted self-practice - 14 hours

  • Anatomy, postural assessments - 20 hours

  • Mythology, philosophy, history, ethics, critical thinking - 14 hours

  • Teaching practice - 42 hours

  • Physical adjustments and class observation- 14 hours

  • Skill in offering yoga to groups or individuals (business) - 3 hours

  • Yin Yoga - 4 hours

  • Restorative yoga - 5 hours

  • Introduction to yoga class design and teaching - 5 hours

  • Thai massage based manual therapy - giving and receiving - 15 hours

  • Meditation - 4 hours (15 min per day)

  • Evening homework and assignments - 20 hours

Each day is laid out as follows:
  • 7:45am - strength and conditioning

  • 8:15am - meditation

  • 8:30am - self practice development

  • 9:15am - breakfast/discussion

  • 10:00- 12:30pm  morning session

  • Lunch/discussion

  • 2:30 - 5pm afternoon session

  • 5-6:30pm diner break/Q and A

  • 6:30 pm - Restorative yoga/ Thai massage/Meditation

  • 9pm -  review and study time

About the teacher

I have trained over 950 teachers since 2007 in China, Japan and British Columbia. I've enjoyed physical yoga practice and teaching since the 1990‘s, and owned and operated both a home yoga studio and a larger commercial studio. In 2006 I wrote the course manual “Teaching Hatha Yoga” that is used by many studios as a foundation for their teacher trainings, and in 2016 wrote "Knead Yoga" - the course manual for private client work.  Early in 2017 I completed "Open Source Yoga - Practice and Teaching" - the new manual for the 200hr course, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of offering teacher training. I now offer trainings on Texada Island, a gulf island off the coast of Powell River, as well as offering workshops in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.

Cancellation policy:

If a student is unable to attend a training they have registered for and paid either in full or left a deposit for, if the cancellation is more than 30 days before the training start date, there is a$150.00 admin. fee charged.  If the cancellation is less than 30 days from the training start date, there is no refund of the $500 deposit, due to the small number of participants and inability to fill the spot close to the training start date.  If payment in full was made, all but the $500 deposit will be returned.  There is no refund once the course begins.



Steve Mitten, Life Coach 

"For anyone who loves yoga, and aspires to take their practice to a whole new level, I could not recommend the teacher training more highly. I don’t know if I will ever teach a yoga class, but I enjoyed every minute of the journey, and the process has already paid huge dividends in my practice and life."

Will Blunderfield 

"Dan Clement's 200 hour yoga teacher training was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Dan's passion for teaching yoga and knowledge of the discipline, combined with the broad scope of this course really helped prepare me for entering the world of yoga instruction."

If you would like to speak to me in person please email and we can set a time.


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