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Massage Rehab Training $500

Rehabilitative massage is a great way to learn compassionate and effective touch.  No oils or massage table required, just a yoga mat and a blanket on the floor.  The techniques use rhythm and pressure to stimulate range of motion and calm the nervous system.  It is very much like having someone do a yoga practice for you, while you relax.  Rehabilitative massage based on Thai Yoga Massage can be coupled with appropriate intensity postural yoga and used as a therapeutic modality for private clients.

The 45-minute sequence of massage techniques targets hips, shoulders and spine, gently increasing circulation and ease of movement.  This training is offered online, you will need a partner to work on and to have them massage you so you can feel the effect of the techniques.

The complete training takes 10 hours, $500 per person (max 2).  We can schedule the sessions at your convenience, 2-hour sessions suggested over no more than 2 weeks to make remembering easier.


The .pdf below may take a minute to load.  The massage starts on pg. 96.  Take a look through to get an idea of the course contents.

Print version of the book available here

Daniel Clement Yoga | Thai Yoga Massage Training in British Columbia

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