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Your true companion is never absent

We often look to another "thing" in our world to provide a sense of completeness or satisfaction. We look to another as a grounding polarity to our energy - the masculine for the feminine, the soft for the spikey. We look toward a new experience as a contrast to the older experiences. This is never entirely successful, for as different as someone or something else might be from us, the complementarity is never total.

The complement to the waking state is sleep. In deep dreamless sleep, subject and object disappear as they can do in meditation. We do not exist in this state in any way we can remember. We only recognize the healing effects of being nothing for a period of time, when we again awaken. Our being nothing strengthens our something-ness.

When you grow tired this evening, try this: Dissolve your projections of future satisfaction and allow the silence that is always wrapped around you in the form of no-thing to take you to non-existence. In other words, the other you are looking for - the opposite, grounding pole to your doing and being is nothing. Nothing, as the state of deep sleep. You may notice something while allowing nothing to do its work. You may notice that this polarity does not exist only in deep sleep, but that it is with you all the time, like the atmosphere around your body you have not yet breathed in to give you life.

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