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Thanks for your interest in online yoga!

It has been several months for me now of creating and teaching online yoga courses: meditation, pranayama, rehabilitative and restorative yoga. I'm extremely grateful for the interest of those who've joined me for these classes, and I have more to come. You can check out Feburary's offerings here.

I've relocated to Victoria, with more sunny skies in the winter than Texada Island and much more reliable internet. For those of you interested in continuing your yoga education, I have private or semi-private 200 and 300-hour online training available - this is a new thing and I feel could be a highly effective way of enhancing the strengths a particular teacher in training has, as well as their particular interests regarding teaching yoga. More on that here.

I hope you are doing as well as possible and I look forward to seeing you online (or in person when that happens again!) soon.



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