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3 keys to extremely temporary happiness

These tips are for yoga teachers, but they can be used no matter who you are, as long as you don't mind dropping a few extra pounds of integrity, humanity and decency that are weighing you down from achieving your ill-conceived dreams!!

1 - Learn to disregard long-term consequences.

Thinking through the real costs of using deception to sell things to yoga students who originally came to you because they felt seen and not used as an ATM puts you behind! Those expensive essential oils you have available via a MLM scheme could sort of possibly help someone who's blocked spiritually by the presence of excessive funds. If you find yourself suffering from night sweats and digestive disorders whilst hawking your bliss-based products to your soon-to-be ex-friends, try soaking yourself in a blend of your own line of herbal essences. My favourite when I've got the "I just sold my soul blues" is a blend named "Atman stink-remover".

2 - Don't over-think logical coherence.

You are living your best blessed life because of the Law of Karma - all the good things you did in your past lives has given you this great opportunity in this one. Dwelling on the fact that anyone born in extremely poor circumstances must be there due to the same law you believe in: Karma... just feels bad, and that's just not fair! If your opportunities are available to you because of your previous good actions, someone else's lack of opportunity is their fault as well, not bad luck. You can still make things even better for yourself in your next life by advocating for more equality though it will do no good for the unfortunate in the grand scheme of transmigration. It is the intention that counts and Everything Happens for a Reason.

3 - Unselfishly try to be your best Self

We all know we have a lower self and a Higher Self. Some of you may not be aware you have a CRUSHING SELF. This is the highest of all high selves, and although we are all one, some of us are really not inhabiting the CRUSHING SELF totally and are not one but more like 0.85 It feels so wonderful to be your best self, to know you are being your best self in comparison to all the others who are not - you know... people can be so judgemental and unconscious. So, trying to be your best self isn't selfish even though it is you who'll benefit the most from this sleight-of-hand. Remember - the world needs shining lights to look up to, and that's potentially you. If you'd like more information on how to leverage the CRUSHING SELF to really boost your visibility and fill your workshops, contact me today.

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