Online self-practice development course

Be seen, personally cued, and given homework.
There are thousands of recorded classes available, however, no personal instruction regarding your practice can be given via pre-recorded or even large live online classes.
This 8-session course offered over one month starts from the ground up, assisting you in establishing a fundamental daily practice of key postures covering the important categories of spinal movement, hip opening, rehabilitative techniques and an introduction to meditation.
You'll set up your phone so I can see you on my screen, along with 5 other students.  I'll watch you all as I cue you into the postures, helping to refine your practice via my observation.  After the physical practice, we'll end each session with a short chat, explanation of what we covered that session, and a Q and A.
The course includes 8 one-hour sessions of yoga through which you will develop an essential self-practice you can do anytime.  A .pdf of the postures is included for you to review and reference.
Cost: $100
One-on-one sessions are available to address specific concerns, injuries or simply to clarify your aims for practice
Cost: $ 1.00 per minute (min. 15 minutes)
Course dates and times:
Thursdays and Tuesdays
Oct 1st through Oct 27th, 2020 (8 sessions)
6 - 7 pm Pacific Time.
To register, email me at
*Coming soon
Level 2: Mastery and creativity in self-practice
Level 3: Bringing in and choosing new postures
Level 4: Learning to articulate your practice verbally
Level 5: Teaching others online.

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