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300 hour yoga teacher training intensive

July 1 - 23rd, 2020

Sept 5 - 28th, 2020

on Texada Island, B.C.



Cost $3900 includes shared accommodation and texts (food not included - shared kitchen).

This 300 hr yoga teacher training intensive format will be taught at my home studio/retreat on Texada Island.  Potential students must have graduated a previous 200 hr yoga training.


The aim of the course is to significantly deepen understanding of pose forms, internal therapeutic muscular actions within postures, endurance, strength, flexibility and competency in practice.  Universal Principles of Alignment applied to pose forms deepen the experience and enhance the potential of the student.


In teaching yoga, the aim is to build clarity in teaching based on strength of practice and enhance communication skills, beginning with intelligible and practical postural cueing, then broadening to general public speaking skills.


Massage and manual therapy techniques, yin and restorative yoga, Critical thinking, mythology and meaning, meditation and pranayama are supportive elements within the training.


Certification is granted upon completion of a final written exam, in-depth exploration and explanation of a key posture, and the leading of a group class.


Some of the course content will be via assignment after the training.  This content will include Philosophy, Ethics, Mythology and Anatomy.  Email assignments on home practice development, changes in teaching, creating courses and workshops can be completed within 6 months of graduation.


Maximum 6 students in shared accommodation - small single room or double rooms (bunks)

Apply here:

Coronavirus Protocols:

I'm isolated in general up here on Texada, so my potential contact with the virus is pretty limited.  I have cancelled a trip to Japan as a precaution.  If I do show any symptoms prior to the training I will contact you and refund your deposits.


I'm going to reduce student exposure to one another by having you work with the same partner for Thai massage and any physical adjustments for the training, and we'll spend a good deal of our time outside on my deck during practice where there is more space.


This virus impacts the elderly and those with compromised immune systems in general, and the location here reduces contact with other a great deal (there's just not that many people here!).  We have no cases of Coronavirus so far on Texada, and our medical clinic has provided a secondary location for those who may present with symptoms, separate from the main clinic.


Take care




Daniel Clement - lead instructor 

Guest instructors may include Scott Kellsey, Kumi Umu, Natalie Rousseau





7:45am - Strength and conditioning

8 - 9:30am - meditation, self-practice, hands-on adjusts practice

10:30am - 1pm - Alignment theory, workshop-style physical practice, guest components

2:30 - 5pm - Teaching skills, Anatomy

7-9pm - yin, restorative, yoga nidra, mythology, massage practice, pranayama

9pm - Study time

Cypress, a student of both 200 and 300 hour courses says:

"I’ve attended both the 200 and 300 hr YTT. The most simple way i can describe the difference is this; The 200 hr was a reveal of the vast amount of knowledge that exists regarding teaching Yoga. The 300 hr was an personal exploration of that knowledge. There are many subjects involved in the 200 hr. There can only be so much time spent on each one, so you’re really only getting a taste of the knowledge that exists around teaching Yoga. The 300 hr had the foundations of the 200 hr to jump off from, and it felt like we got into the material a lot faster. What i learned in the 200 was refreshed in my mind while doing the 300, and i was able to pick and choose which bits were important to me and what i wanted to hold on to in my teaching. Having some teaching experience in between gave me an idea of what i lacked or still wanted to expand on. Even though we were all learning the same material the 300 hr felt more personal in that way - i already had an idea of what i was looking for. The 300 hr solidified my confidence in teaching and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who is teaching yoga and feels like they havent found their groove yet."



Registration is open now, to apply please contact me at

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