Private 200 or 300 hour online yoga teacher training

Registered with Yoga Alliance


Amplify your particular strengths as a teacher, refine your own practice and have the opportunity to converse one-on-one with me and have your questions addressed.


I’ve taught over 1,000 students how to teach yoga over the last 15 years.  The content of group training is necessarily broad.  Not every student - particularly more introverted ones - gets the opportunity to have all their questions answered.  A standardized curriculum does not always illuminate the hidden potential in a particular student.  By working one-on-one, we’ll start with your aims and capacities for practice: do you want a vigorous daily practice or one that includes more meditation, restorative yoga and yoga nidra?  The content of your practice and teaching certification will then reflect your desires and aptitudes.


Your certification can be done at your own pace - one, two or three sessions per week online, with time to study in between.  You’ll be certified with Yoga Alliance as a Hatha Yoga teacher.

You can also study with me simply to deepen your own understanding and develop your practice without learning to teach.


200hr: 66 online hours

300 hr: 100 online hours


2 sessions per week,  1.5 hours each with assigned homework.


Sessions include:





Asana - theory and practice

Yoga Nidra

Q and A on asana techniques

Yoga Humanities


Yoga lifestyle

Teaching practise - asana, meditation, yoga nidra, restorative and yin yoga

Assigned homework


Cost: 200hr private certification online: $ 3300 ( 2x per week roughly 5 months)


          300hr private certification online  $ 5000 ( 2x per week roughly 8 months)


Full payment, or monthly pay-as-you-go available (2x per week = $600 per month)


Week-day (mon. and wed. evenings, for example) or weekend (sat. and sun.)


My aims for you:


To significantly deepen understanding of pose forms, internal therapeutic muscular actions within postures, endurance, strength, flexibility and competency in practice.  Universal Principles of Alignment applied to pose forms deepen the experience and enhance the potential of the student.


In teaching yoga, the aim is to build clarity in teaching based on strength of practice and enhance communication skills, beginning with intelligible and practical postural cueing, then broadening to general online speaking skills, class and course construction.

Online best practices, sequencing and class planning, yin and restorative yoga, critical thinking, mythology and meaning, meditation and breath-work are supportive elements within the training.

* Note:  This is an evidence-based training, drawing from the most current scholarship on the origins of yoga practice.

The training is secular in nature - we will be investigating the development of mythology and religion, claims of cultural

appropriation, and the consequences an evidence-based rather than a belief-based approach.  If you are strongly attached

to a particular religion or ideology, you may find some of the content of this course challenging.  Learning something new calls into question

prior understandings, and in this way learning questions one's motivating ideas.  So, learning is not a "safe space" if safety is

defined as never being cognitively exercised.  Muscles get stronger through appropriate stimulus, and in my view, so does the mind.

I have no religious or philosophical perspective to promote, save the desire to communicate honestly and empower you to teach yoga as skillfully as possible.  If this sounds good to you, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Daniel Clement.

Apply here:




Daniel Clement - lead instructor 

Guest teachers:

Kumi Umuyashiki - current Yin theory and practice

Natalie Rousseau - class sequencing and mythology

Course materials:

Zoom-enabled device


2 yoga blocks, 2 straps, one rectangular bolster

Stable internet connection

Required reading

Open Source Yoga - Practice and Teaching

by Daniel Clement

Honesty - how self-deception robs us of meaning

by Daniel Clement

Key muscles of yoga

by Ray Long

Additional reading:

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harrari

The Upanishads -  Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita - Easwaran

Yoga for Arthritis - Fishman/Saltonstall

Cypress, a student of both 200 and 300-hour courses says:

"I’ve attended both the 200 and 300 hr YTT. The most simple way I can describe the difference is this; The 200 hr was a reveal of the vast amount of knowledge that exists regarding teaching Yoga. The 300 hr was a personal exploration of that knowledge. There are many subjects involved in the 200 hr. There can only be so much time spent on each one, so you’re really only getting a taste of the knowledge that exists around teaching Yoga. The 300 hr had the foundations of the 200 hr to jump off from, and it felt like we got into the material a lot faster. What I learned in the 200 was refreshed in my mind while doing the 300, and I was able to pick and choose which bits were important to me and what I wanted to hold on to in my teaching. Having some teaching experience in between gave me an idea of what i lacked or still wanted to expand on. Even though we were all learning the same material the 300 hr felt more personal in that way - I already had an idea of what I was looking for. The 300 hr solidified my confidence in teaching and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who is teaching yoga and feels like they haven't found their groove yet."

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